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The first crowdfunding site designed to turn your streams on Twitch, Youtube or Facebook into a charity fundraiser.

This week we chat with OryenGaming! Oryen has fundraised for many different causes with her community by simply having fun and bringing those around her to do good. She mainly focuses on Just Dance and DeadbyDaylight with her content! Learn more about her story below!

Find OryenGaming online:

Tiltify Fundraising Page

Watch the video below!

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June was an incredible month of smashing goals, happiness, and tons of fun! We are happy to have the Tiltify community support these causes and do incredible work with their communities. Thank you for all you do!

We selected these top campaigns from the top 10 best performing causes on Tiltify.

Here are the top ten campaigns from June:

10.) FaZe Clan and Seth Rogen — Gaming to Fight Alzheimer’s $31,996, HFC

This week we chat with TiffanyWitcher! TiffanyWitcher, is a Vtuber in the content creation space and does a charity stream every week! We are so happy to chat with her again and keep up with her amazing fundraising efforts!

We talk with TiffanyWitcher and her involvement in the Epilepsy Foundation of America event this year! Learn more about TiffanyWitcher and her story.

“I raise money in honor of my mother Myra Witcher who died due to Lupus. It was my motivation for starting this doing something in memory of someone that did so much for others.” — TiffanyWitcher

Find TiffanyWitcher…

This week we chat with Slay3K! Slay3k did his FIRST fundraiser on the Tiltify platform and raised over $21K for the Wounded Warrior Project! Slay3K shares his experience fundraising and hitting multiple goals with his community!

Find Slay3K online:

Tiltify Fundraising Page

Watch the chat below!

Discussion with Slay3K about his fundraising efforts

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This week we chat with FeralWife! FeralWife, also known as Alli, talks about her content creation journey and her incredible community fundraising efforts. Her community is called FeralFam, and we get to hear all about them!

Find FeralWife online:

Tiltify Fundraising Page

Watch the video below!

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With the month of July here, there are so many different causes to support throughout this month through Tiltify. Below we have a round-up of many days, weeks, and month-long awareness dates!

Welcome to July, and happy fundraising! Swing by our Discord and let us know what, when, and for whom you are streaming.

Month-Long Awareness

Sarcoma Awareness Month

Week-Long Awareness

July 5th — July 11th National Childhood Obesity Week

Day Awareness

July 3rd International Plastic Bag Free…

This week we chat with SweetAnita! SweetAnita is a Twitch Partner and Ambassador that fundraises for her favorite causes on her channel. We talk about her journey in content creation and what inspired her. She recently brought awareness through Mental Health Awareness Month with her incredible fundraising efforts with Rise Above The Disorder.

Check out the campaign here!

Find SweetAnita online:

Check out the audio interview below!

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Those unfamiliar with Twitch might find themselves completely bewildered and perplexed during their first visit to the platform. Twitch offers a continuous stream of video content including people chatting, flashy gameplay, and enthusiastic commentary, making it arguably one of the most exciting spectator experiences available for free.

While watching videos doesn’t cost the viewer anything, there is a tremendous amount of money exchanging hands on streaming platforms like Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube. Content creators, or individuals who produce original written and visual content, are agile entrepreneurs that have become the masters of monetizing their live or recorded content and engaging…

Christopher James Greicius. Do you recognize this name? You might not and that is okay! Christopher James Greicius was a 7-year-old boy battling Leukemia who wished of becoming a police officer. In 1980, his wish was granted when his local community in Phoenix came together to make his wish come true. Does this sound familiar now? It is the origin story of the now Make-A-Wish Foundation. How did you feel when reading that story? Did you feel empathy, sadness, perhaps you felt a drive of generosity? …


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